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Commercial Jingle Project Using a Green Screen

Commercial JINGLE logo

The Commercial Jingle Project started as a Quaver lesson, but it morphed into an incredible collaborative adventure that will forever change the way I teach music.

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Music Room Storage Becomes Multi-purpose Stations

Music Room Storage

Music room storage becomes multi-purpose stations

Starting with 5-tier metal shelving from Lowes, my music room storage has evolved from stacks of tubs on top of tubs, to created spaces that serve multiple purposes. How? In my music room [click to continue…]


Handel, Empathy and a Quill

Handel's QuillHandel, Empathy and a Quill

The culminating adventure with George Frideric Handel was an experience with empathy and a quill. After the windows were blackened and the lights were turned off, the children felt their way inside a 12’x 12′ black tent inside the music room.  In the pitch black darkness,  they [click to continue…]


Handel And The Curious Boys

Handel and the Curious Boys logo

The Story of Handel and the Curious Boys…

is a perfect example of how unanswered questions fuel the desire to learn. After exploring the life and times of Bach and Handel and empathizing with the difficulty of life in the 1700’s, a group of boys asked a fantastic question, “How did Bach and Handel play a pipe organ without electricity?” [click to continue…]

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Flat Handel and the Mystery Tent Part II


Flat Handel Adventure logoCuriosity & Empathy in the Music Class

Flat Handel and the Mystery Tent Part II: The mystery tent was the perfect place to bring together curiosity and empathy in the music class. Students were curious why Handel was sneaking up into the attic to play music. When they discovered… [click to continue…]


Flat Handel and the Mystery Tent

Flat Handel Adventure logo

The Adventures of Flat Handel and the Mystery Tent is a story that started inside a dark, dark tent with a picture of little boy who sneaked up in the attic to play music against his father’s wishes.

But before I tell you the rest of the story, remember……. [click to continue…]

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