2014 Global SEE Summit

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2014 Global SEE Summit

What an exciting summer this is! In less than a month the 2014 Global SMART Exemplary Educators Summit will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “Now in its fifth year, the SEE Summit brings together leading-edge educators from the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East who have in common a passion for education technology and a desire to expand their skills and grow their professional learning network.” Yippee!! Based on my SMART video and a written application, [click to continue…]


Beautiful beyond description!

Take five minutes to enjoy Duke Ellington’s superb composition, beautifully performed by two professionals; elegant Kathleen Battle, and talented Branford Marsalis.

Come Sunday! – Kathleen Battle and Branford Marsalis

I think it’s strange that just listening to performances like this releases the emotions I have inside that I just can’t express with my limited abilities.

Why is that?

The more I listen  to this performance, the more I can imagine myself right there… invisible…. singing along with confidence…. hitting the high notes… improvising and landing on just the right note to harmonize with the voice.  How about you?

It never gets old.

It soothes that part of me that longs to be heard. When I get to heaven, I want will be able to be able to sing like Kathleen Battle and play like Branford Marsalis!  

Before you move on…. close your eyes and listen to it one more time.



How to Reduce and Rotate Videos that are HUGE and Upside Down

There are two challenges that naturally occur when students send in video clips: the files are huge and almost always upside down.

Huge Videos take up space!!

The main problem with storing video clips for later use is dealing with the size of the files. Free cloud storage (like Dropbox) can quickly fill up unless large media files are reduced in size. A single video of my students playing a recorder piece can be around 80-125mb. This may not seem like much, but if videos are stored for use with Aurasma, as I’ve been discussing for the last few blog posts, size matters.

Videos are too long to email from iPad

Additionally, if the students use the iPad camera to film their recorder playing and try to send it via email, many times, the video will be too long to send. And if they try to send it, it takes too long. There is an easy solution for that.

Videos are upside down

If a student actually sends in a video that is right-side up, it will often flip upside down during the reduction process. I don’t know why that is. I’m sure there is a logical reason I’ll discover later, but I’ve found a way to fix it.  If you are going to use Aurasma, you need to know  how to flip videos because this is most noticeable when importing overlays into Aurasma.

Format Factory 3.0.1

How to Reduce

Reduce with Format Factory

There are many ways to reduce the size of files. Format Factory is free and highly rated. Format Factory is a  multi-functional converter software that’s able to convert all types of video, audio and image files. Complete, powerful and free, it’s a must-have conversion tool. Download it here.  I simply drag the video I want to reduce on top of the Format Factory icon on my desktop. Once FF opens, I choose the settings I want and it makes a copy of the file to the original folder. Experiment with how much the videos can be reduced without becoming blurry. Format Factory is such a helpful tool for converting not just videos, but audio and images as well.

Free video flip

How to Rotate

Flip and Rotate Videos

There is a wonderful free software called, “Free Video Flip and Rotate.” Free Video Flip and Rotate is a very simple tool with which you can easily rotate or flip all your videos. Simply select the video you want to work with, choose the preset you want to apply and click on Start. Free Video Flip and Rotate enables you to fix videos that haven’t been properly recorded, rotating or flipping the image in a very simple way. Files are quickly fixed and a copy is saved to the original folder as an .avi file. If an .avi file is not what you need, then use Format Factory to convert it.


Here is a simple video showing how to  flip and rotate videos used in Aurasma.


How to Send

Send videos without using email

Share your Photo, Video, Contacts, Apps or Any files with a sweet little app called,“Send-Anywhere.”  Install this free app on your iPad and/or smart phone and instead of having to split up long videos to email, simply send it with a 6-digit number to a desktop computer or any other device.  Here is how it works:

Simple, Unlimited, Instant File Transfer!
No Sign Up or Log In – All you need is a 6-digit key to pair devices.

Across your mobile devices (Android or iPhone, iPad, iPod) and PC (web https://send-anywhere.com)
You can quickly and easily share any folders or files (include photos, videos, and Apps).

√ Simple UI
√ No need to log-in or sign up to use
√ File sharing across Android, iPhone, PC (Browser)
√ No file format, size, number limited to share

【 How it works 】
★ Sending file
1. Select a file(Document, Photo, Video, App etc.) and click a “Send”
2. Get a 6 digit OTK(One Time Key) and let your friend know.
3. Stand by.

I’ve been using SendAnywhere for several weeks and it is simple and always works… a rare combination!

Easy Solutions:

To reduce large videos, use Format Factory.

To flip or rotate videos, use “Free Video Flip and Rotate.”

To send files easily without the limitations of email, use “Send-AnywherePro.”

Aurasma AppThese three software finds work beautifully together when creating videos for an Aurasma Wall of Fame.

This is the end of my Aurasma soapbox… on to other cool tech-y tools.




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