SMARTBoard Koosh Ball Challenge

Download the free Koosh Ball Challenge template below.

Watch this video for directions and a brief walk-through on HOW to link pages to objects.

Koosh Ball Challenge Instructions

Koosh Ball Challenge Features

The Challenge is to adapt and create your own interactive lesson using this template.  Experiment with these features:

  • Insert objects
  • Attach sounds
  • Animate objects
  • Change the color of the Home page balls or lines around the balls
  • Change the width of the lines on the return button on each page
  • Link a video example to a page
  • Link to an outside source like an interactive web page
  • Can you create a theme for each page?
  • Be consistent in the use of fonts. Are they readable, kid-friendly, 24pt+
  • Use  your iPad to record new sound samples for your activity
  • Create at least one surprise page: “Brain Break” moment

Koosh Ball Challenge Rule

Only one rule: The students must come to the SMARTBoard to interact with the activity – maybe not on every page, but on most of the pages.

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Capture the attention of your students this December with 3 IWB Musical Activities for Elf-ry one in your classroom.

These three engaging activities can be uses as a whole group activity , three stand-alone activities, or for centers.

3 SMARTBoard musical activities for Elf-ry one3 IWB Musical Activities for Elf-ry One:

Magic Stem Race

Use the Magic Stem Race to review and / or reinforce correct stem placement on notes on the staff. Utilizing the fading ink features of the Magic Pen, this activity quickly becomes a race to see who can complete the stems correctly before the ink fades. I speak from experience; Elf-ry one will be engaged and want to try it!

The next two activities are designed to review and/ or reinforce the Kodaly hand signs and solfege syllables.

Solfa Gifts

In this activity, students will match the solfa hand sign (tag) to the matching syllable (gift box.) Utilizing the SMARTBoard Activity builder add-on interactive feature, the tags are designed to spin if correctly matched.

Snowflake Solfa

There are two groups of Snowflake solfa pages. The first group uses only So – mi, and the second group uses so-mi-la. Spinning snowflakes make this interactive activity especially fun for the children. Use this activity to have students sing or echo sofa patterns. This activity is one of my students’ favorites!

3 IWB Musical Activities for Elf-ry One Navigation Options

These SMARTBoard Musical Activities are  designed for two options:
1. Use each activity in a stand-alone 10-15 minute activity. The “Next” buttons will take you through each page sequentially.
2. Use the “Bell” navigation buttons on each page to go through the entire file in random order. Use this option for a longer class time and for a variety of activities.


3 IWB Musical Activities for Elf-ry One is available on my TpT site. Here is the link.

Santa Solfege is another interactive lesson for more advanced students.

I hope these activities will be fun and helpful for your students and that you will feel more confident and comfortable using the SMARTBoard to create an engaging, interactive music class.


I want this on my tombstone: Don’t be afraid to let them touch the SMARTBoard!



“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Chinese proverb


At this point in the year, my students are so comfortable with the use of technology that they have the skills to use the iPad as effortlessly as they use pencil and paper.   Now the fun begins, because 1:1 iPads are perfect for the assignment: show what you know! 1:1 iPads: Putting It All Together. How did we get to this point?

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Interactive Learning is Loud

It never gets old! Interactive Learning is Loud, Unpredictable, Student-Driven and Collaborative.

It’s what we live for as teachers. It’s what drives us to try new things, work harder to master new skills, and dig deeper to find ways to connect with today’s learners. The energy that comes from interactive learning that is loud, unpredictable, student-driven, and  collaborative, motivates me to passionately hone my skill in designing interactive lessons. When magic happens, it is priceless. I am convinced magic happens many times because of the

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2014 Global SEE Summit

SMART See 14 logo

2014 Global SEE Summit

What an exciting summer this is! In less than a month the 2014 Global SMART Exemplary Educators Summit will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “Now in its fifth year, the SEE Summit brings together leading-edge educators from the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East who have in common a passion for education technology and a desire to expand their skills and grow their professional learning network.” Yippee!! Based on my SMART video and a written application, [click to continue…]


Beautiful beyond description!

Take five minutes to enjoy Duke Ellington’s superb composition, beautifully performed by two professionals; elegant Kathleen Battle, and talented Branford Marsalis.

Come Sunday! – Kathleen Battle and Branford Marsalis

I think it’s strange that just listening to performances like this releases the emotions I have inside that I just can’t express with my limited abilities.

Why is that?

The more I listen  to this performance, the more I can imagine myself right there… invisible…. singing along with confidence…. hitting the high notes… improvising and landing on just the right note to harmonize with the voice.  How about you?

It never gets old.

It soothes that part of me that longs to be heard. When I get to heaven, I want will be able to be able to sing like Kathleen Battle and play like Branford Marsalis!  

Before you move on…. close your eyes and listen to it one more time.


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