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5 SMARTBoard Holiday Activities for the Music Classroom

Here are 5 stand-alone SMARTBoard holiday activities for the music classroom.

Oftentimes, we just need a little filler for music class during the holiday season and these five SMARTBoard Holiday activities for the music classroom might be perfect for that need.

The 5 SMARTBoard Holiday activities for the music classroom include:

Name that Tune

Students touch a caroler and they show a picture of the melody and given two options. They must decode the melody and name the carol.


Santa Ho Ho!

There are several image prompts to use for vocal exploration.

High/Low Ornaments

Students must listen to the sounds of several fallen ornaments and decide if the sound is high or low and place them correctly  back on the Christmas tree.

Snowman Music Math

Students divide into three teams and complete musical note math problems and determine if the sum is even or odd. There is an interactive activity on the SMART Board and an attached PDF of playing cards to be made for small group activity.  My students use red and blue pipe cleaners for even and odd hats.

Snowflake Shoot Out

Students are given an assignment and must touch the correct spinning snowflakes before time runs out.

This 5 SMARTBoard Holiday Activities file is now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Download the Snowman Math PDF here.


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