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Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

What could be more exciting than using technology to go on a Quest to learn about our National Anthem and the American Flag? If you have access to an IWB and/or iPads, the Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST will be the perfect addition to your teaching resources. Using the latest SMARTNotebook Lab games and QR codes, your students will be totally engaged as they complete their QUEST for knowledge and understanding.

The Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST supports and extends the learning found in the Star Spangled Banner Free SMART Resources: downloaded here.  After exploring the FREE SSB collection or using your own resources, use the Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST  to infuse technology with a purpose!

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Part 1

To complete the Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST, students divide into teams with an iPad/QR reader. There are 14 different quests or QR codes that link to kid-friendly Star Spangled Banner video facts made using green screen + Sock-puppetry. These brief videos will make learning an adventure as students explore our national anthem. Each video is between 45-90sec. in length and covers one or two facts.

  • Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

    SockPuppets app

    Post the attached (14) QR codes around the  room / hallway and watch the magic happen.

  • Working together, teams will divide and conquer the stars.
  • Using an iPad, they will scan a QR code to watch a STAR Quest Video and learn all they can for the team.
  • Once teams complete the quests, they return to the SMARTBoard to demonstrate their understanding and compete in the SMART Lab games.


SMARTNotebook LAB Games

Part 2

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Compete on an exciting Game Show

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Fill in the blanks at the Monster Mash

Optional student devices

 Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Find matching pairs at a Rock Concert

Optional student devices

 Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Put lyrics in rank order with the Red Monster

Optional student devices

 Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

Compete on an advanced Game Show


These amazing SMART Lab games generate lots of excitement with cool sounds. If you’ve never used the SMART Lab games, this is a great introduction to SMARTNotebook’s redesigned Lesson Activities using HTML5 instead of FLASH. The activities look so cool and my students can’t get enough of the ability to use their iPads to compete and contribute during the “games.”



Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

SMART Lab: Gamification Redefined

Cool sounds. Awesome badges. Fun visuals. Students love playing SMART lab games. And game-based lessons help students learn the 4Cs: Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration – skills they’ll need to perform under pressure later in life. Play the games at content.classlab.com.


What do I need to use this file?

SMARTNotebook 17

Please note: this is a SMARTNotebook file that will work with .notebook 17. If you do not have the updated version of .notebook, the Lab activities will NOT work. Unfortunately, if you have a version of IWB other than SMART, the video links will work, but I’m not sure the gamification features will transfer.

QR Reader

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUESTWe are  1:1 iPads and my students use the i-nigma QR scanning app, but any QR reader will work.  When students scan the QR code, the linked video will begin playing. Links have been “washed” with ViewPure or safeshare TV for the students’ protection.  Want to try one out? Use your QR scanner to take a look at one of the STAR QUEST videos:

Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST

In addition to the attached STAR QUEST codes that should be printed, the videos are also linked on individual pages in this file. Therefore, if you have the SMARTNotebook software, but not the QR code readers, you can still show the videos and complete the engaging LAB activities.

Book Creator Project Included

Part 3

Additionally, this file contains an attached Book Creator activity. Either download the ePub and air-drop it to students or have students scan the QR code to open in Book Creator. This activity provides a time for individual assessment and reflection. After students complete the tasks on each page, lead them to export the file as a video to Seesaw, etc. And for those without QR readers, the file also contains a  PDF version of the Book Creator activity.

It is not practical nor prudent for all students to complete the Book Creator ePub project, but for students who need a challenge, or a take-home project, this extension activity is available. When teaching the National Anthem unit to multiple grade levels, having options comes in very handy.

Don’t forget the Free Star Spangled Banner Resources

Learn about and download the free Star Spangled Banner file from this post.

Star Spangled Banner Star Quest


Star Spangled Banner STAR QUEST is Available on Teachers Pay Teachers

Go here.

It is a SMART Notebook file that contains:

14 STAR QUEST Video Lessons

5 SMART Lab interactive games

Book Creator ePub project (15 pages)

Optional PDF version of SSB Discoveries

26 SMARTNotebook pages / links to videos


I hope you will enjoy using the Star Spangled Banner STAR Quest, the SMART Lab games, and the Book Creator project to make an ordinary lesson extraordinary. Observing and reflecting on our students’ reaction to the gamification features of SMART Lab will lead to interesting conversations. What amazing adventures will we have using technology with a purpose?

I can’t wait for school to begin!!! Really!!







Guarantee: If you ever have a problem with my SMART files, send me an email and I will fix the problem.




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  • Alison August 1, 2017, 9:02 AM

    You blow me away! The use of technology in your lessons is not just playing games on an app or watching a youtube link-students USE technology as a tool to help them learn and help them SHOW what they’ve learned! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

    • Cherie Herring August 1, 2017, 4:26 PM

      Oh, thank you Alison!! Your thoughtful words mean the world to me. I do love exploring how technology can dynamically change learning in my classroom and I’m excited, more than ever, about the future. Kids can do amazing things if we just give them the tools and get out of the way. Gosh, I’d love to hear what you’re doing too!! I’ve forgotten, do you have 1:1 iPads? Do you use Seesaw at your school? – Cherie

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