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Cross Curricular Activities

Commercial Jingle Cross-curricular Project

Fourth grade students study the regions and states of the United States. Leading our team of teachers, I designed a cross-curricular commercial project.

  • In homeroom, students learned about regions of the United States and were assigned a State and grouped into regions.
  • Led by their core teachers and based on what they had learned during class, students came up with a problem related to their assigned region.
  • The Science teacher guided students to design a product to fix the problem, an invention that needed to be sold.
  • In English, students learned about writing commercials, how to sell and how to use descriptive words to grab attention. Students, working in their regional teams, wrote the text to sell their invention.
  •  In Art, students learned about logos and design before creating and painting their own logo for their product
  •  In Music, students learned about and compared commercial jingles before composing a jingle for their product. Using Garageband, students composed the backing music for the commercial and submitted their work for approval via Seesaw.
  • The entire commercial was filmed together using Green Screen, combining the Logo, their costumes and props, background images that supported the commercial, etc.
  • Students worked before, during, and after school to film and were responsible for every stage of the project.
  • To edit the videos, I taught the entire grade how to use the Green Screen Doink app to edit their own work. Students used iMovie to pull it all together. When needed, I assisted in the editing, and animation in come cases, with them by my side.
  • The final Commercials were shared as an end-of-year project in the Theatre before their parents and the entire school.

More details here.

Touch each star on the thinglink below to view completed commercial projects by fourth grade students.


Thinglink and Aurasma bring France to Life

While visiting France, I made videos of things I thought my students would find interesting. When I returned, I connect those videos with images using AURASMA. On two giant bulletin boards, I posted trigger images and students scanned them to watch a video and answer the same or different question. These became writing prompts for the classroom. 1:1 iPads and Aurasma made our country of study, France, real and tangible. Here is a link to the blog post.


The videos in the ThingLink below show what students see when the Aurasma trigger image is scanned.


Musical Staff Spelling Bee + Math: Un-Bee-lievably Fun

Designed for SMARTBoard and iPads

The Musical Staff Spelling BEE + Math lesson is a review of the names of musical pitches as well as a cross-curricular math activity. Multiplying and adding large numbers makes this a win-win connection of music and math. It’s a game, it’s a contest, it’s a challenge, it’s a winner! The connection between SMARTBoard and iPads allows every student to participate every turn. Read move about it here.


Music and Math with Playdoh and iPads

Students use Play-doh to illustrate how music is like math. The iPad is perfect for capturing their understanding in a unique way.