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SMARTBoard and iPad Resources

This is a partial list of SMART Notebook and iPad files found on my blog. The titles are linked either to the original post or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Monster Musicians- Augmented Reality - iPads
SS use the Aurasma (HP Reveal) app to scan monster images that trigger the playing of a musical instrument. Augmented Reality brings music to life. iPads, one or more, and printed Monster Cards create a unique engaging musical experience.
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Star Spangled Banner Star Quest
Using Five SNotebook Lab games and QR codes, Ss complete Quest for SSB clues. 14 STAR Quest videos created with SockPuppet, Book Creator Project included. Engaging, Interactive Lg +Sm group design
18 SMARTBoard Musical Adventures and Assessments
18 different musical assessments utilizing SMART interactive tools: This or that listening, sorting, identifying, note values, same or different, pitches, intervals, music and math. / Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Upper Elem.
2 Love Notes and a Heart Attack
Valentine Theme / P4, M6 Listening, Interval Recognition
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
12 Musical Goodies for Halloween
Major / Minor listening, two songs w/ acc, Activity builder sorting half, quarter notes, Ghostly rhythms, interactive musical die, Boomwhacker play along, fillers and review for October / Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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4/4 Rhythm Shuffle for the SMARTBoard
Three levels of difficulty. Ss toss chip and add note values. Link to tally page on iPad included. Designed for large group interactive instruction. Fast-paced and engaging.
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Musical Spelling BEE for SB and iPads
Staff Spelling game mixed with Math for SB and iPads. QR codes create sm groups for whole - group engagement / Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Upper Elem.
3 Musical Activities for Christmas
Listening for beginning/ending phrases, Note value tongue twisters, Note value weighing activity, Music + Math/ Interactive Lg +Sm group design
3 Holiday SB activities for Elf-fy One
Fading Ink Magic Stem Race, Tag the Solfa, Snowflake Solfa
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Snowflake Music and Math
SB interactive lesson combining Music and Math. Adding note values, interacting with advanced NB feature-rich lesson design. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Santa's Solfege Mailroom
Sorting intervals going up or down, Recognizing so, mi, do on staff, Listening Melodic order race, Drawing melodic intervals. Upper Elementary / Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Musette in D (C) - SMARTBoard
Explore terraced farming/dynamics, history of dynamics, harpsichord vs piano, quill,
Ss play Boomwhackers to embedded accompaniment to practice dynamic changes.
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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Golliwog's Cakewalk Listening Map - iPads
Ss move doll to steady beat in A section and experience Rubato in B section. Embedded mp3, Export as video for assessment. Uses Explain Everything app on iPad.
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Pumpkin Stew Song - Interactive Addons for 20 students
(20)Ss sing and add hidden items to stew. Early Elem.
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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Pumpkin Beat Bundle for SB and iPads
Music and math / Note values. Manipulatives/ ipads / Musical die pattern
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Debussy - Project for the iPad / SMARTBOARD
ePub for Debussy unit. Ss locate Debussy's home with Google Earth, Imitate Impressionistic painting using Doodle Buddy blur tool, Mind map using popplet lite, experience Rubato using Explain Everything, compose whole-tone piece using Garage Band, View streets of Paris using Aurasma, etc. This file is a guide for each activity and will be exported to Video for final project demonstrating understanding. upper elem.
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October Musical Adventures for SB and iPads
20 different activities includes listening, composing, Activity builder, composer study, movement, Boomwhackers, singing
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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Nutty Rhyhms and Sofa Squirrels on the IWB
Rhythmic and melodic listening activities on SB and iPads, embedded listening examples
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Musical Listening Adventure 201
Listening, Identifying this or that sound, observe melodic contour, work in groups to complete listening challenges / Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Upper Elem.
Orchestra Exploration and Stand-up Pieces for SMARTBoard
Resource for introducing orchestra, instruments, families, conductor and conducting patterns. Safe-share video links and child performers. Many hidden features for use with multi-levels, Stand up Orchestra pieces attached. Project ideas and resource links. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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Teddy Bear Adventure - SMARTBoard
Songs, Fast or Slow listening, create rhythm patterns, movement, melodic shape listening and singing, Bees in the wild, / Interactive Lg +Sm group design / early elem.
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20 Challenges for iPads and Instruments
Ss complete 3-5 challenges in class time using various instruments, composing, creating, demonstrating, recording, / Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Gr 2-4 / 1 or more iPads
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Bought Me a Cat - Interactive Song and Activity
Ss sing and play rhythm instruments. Linked pages make this cumulative song easy to use in large group setting. early elem.
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Hey Diddle Diddle Fiddle Lesson for SMARTBoard
Line/ Space activity, Mr. Moon song, vocal path, movement activity, Fiddler performance, cross-curricular placement activity. Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Early Elem.
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High / Low Slingshot Listening for SMARTBoard and iPads
Ss listen to high/low patterns and dictate pattern on SB and iPads. Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Upper Elem.
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I Have Four Voices - SMARTBoard
Learn about 4 voices through story, song, 4-corners movement. Interactive listening using SB. Designed for large group instruction
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Koosh Ball Challenge 16
This is a template for teachers to create their own Koosh Ball activity. Images and pages are linked for a ready-to-go lesson.
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Little White Duck - Song and Activities for SMARTBoard
Ss Sing and play rhythm instruments with song
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Star Spangled Banner Discoveries - iPad activity
Guide to support the learning of the Star Spangled Banner using the Star QUEST SMARTBoard TpT lesson. Ss record singing lyrics, reflect on one of the quests, take selfie's to demonstrate face at "dawn" and "twilight," Tell the story of battle at Ft McHenry, create a tableaux demonstrating perilous, record interviews about interesting flag facts, etc.
Sounds Up/Down
Interactive listening lesson for early elementary students. Embedded sounds, movable objects, listening and moving.
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Scary Dynamic Story for iPads / SMARTBoard
Ss demonstrate understanding of musical dynamics by telling a scary dynamic monster story. Each page gets progressively louder until the surprise ending. Cross-curricular - perfect for practicing reading fluency. Export as video and upload to Seesaw for sharing.
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Popcorn Music Class Introduction - SMARTBoard
Koosh-ball type file useful for introducing the music class. May be edited for other uses. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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Rossini and the William Tell Adventure for SMARTBoard
How does music tell a story? Ss learn about the legend, Rossini's life, opera, Bugs Bunny, the Lone Ranger, interact with listening map, and a SMART Lab Quiz Show activity for assessment. / Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Upper Elem.
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Soda Rhythms for SMARTBoard and iPads
Ss use soda images to create rhythmic patterns, listening, self-checking, playing cards pattern attached, iPad lesson supports small group engagement. Interactive Lg +Sm group design / upper elementary
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Sol-La-Mi Listening Activity for SMARTBoard
Ss recognize melodic patterns by sound and shape. Self-checking, engaging, Interactive Lg +Sm group design / early elem.
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Squilt Listening Activity Pack 2 - SMARTBoard
Ss listen and put tempi in order, associate food with sound, match genre with images of dancers, cartoon characters, feelings, old or new. Ss listen and predict what is about to happen, commercial product, TV show, vacation destination, parents on date, bad dream, meter of 3 o4 4, faster or slower, etc.
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Thankful Turkey Interactive Song - SMARTBoard
Ss touch turkey feather to reveal and sing about something/ someone for which they are thankful. Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Early Elem.
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Thanksgiving Turkey Solfege for SMARTBoard and iPads
SS listen and move turkey to correct ending pitch. Melody ends up or melody ends down. Uses SMART Activity Builder to self-check. Interactive/ small group or large group
The Sabre Dance - SMARTBoard
Khachaturian composer study, history of folk dance, interactive listening, instrumental study. Movement suggestions. Designed for Large group instruction
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There Was an Old Woman / Explain Everything - iPad
Ss record as they sing and move object along vocal path, export as video to Seesaw for assessment. Designed for use in Explain Everything iPad app.
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Peer Gynt Listening Map / Explain Everything - iPad
Ss record as they listen to and move object along musical map path. Export as video to Seesaw for assessment. Embedded musical examples.
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Bats and Spiders Book / Book Creator - iPad
Cross-curricular activity for 1st grade Ss. Echolocation, Ss practice and record expressive spider poem/ Ss create rhythm patterns based on vocabulary and perform - export to Seesaw
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Spooky Rhythm Activity / Explain Everything - iPad
Ss use Halloween images to create spooky rhythms. Upper Elem. Ss use the pen to notate each rhythm on the heart beats and and play their spooky rhythms to the steady beat.
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Ghostly Long and Short Rhythms for SMARTBoard and iPads
Elem. Ss create rhythmic patterns using long and short, quarter and eighth note patterns. Interactive Lg +Sm group design / grades K - 2
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Star Spangled Banner - Free Resources 2017
Free updated resources include: illustrated text, SMART Lab assessment game, Flag Trivia with Hot Spot facts, SMART Lab Speed Race Quiz, Memory challenge with attached manipulatives, Links to singers and SMART Shout out activity to vote on the best singer, and interactive story of Francis Scott Key. and more.
In the Dark, Dark, Wood - iPad story activity
Younger Ss practice reading fluency, reading with expression, and musical dynamics while recording each page of this exciting story. Explain Everything app
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My Musical Heritage - iPad
Guide for Ss to explore their musical heritage by documenting interviews with family members about their musical experiences and preferences. - Book Creator app
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Rhythm War for SMARTBoard and iPads
Attached PDF playing cards. SS play war game with note values. Use for Review. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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Ghostly Vocal Sounds
SS move baby ghost along vocal path, increasingly higher, until it learns to fly. Ss create their own vocal path, draw and sing.
Handel ePub
Guide for composer study includes: Label the clues, record questions, do the math, locate home using Google Earth, discover clothes, hair, wigs, hygiene. Reflect on writing with quill and ink by candlelight, Flat Handel. Empathy. Listen to the "Water Music," "Hallelujah Chorus," and "Royal Fireworks." STEAM - no electricity for pipe organ. Invent a bellow for blowing air.
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5 SMART Holiday Activities for the Music Classroom
Stand-alone activities include Snowman note value math, even/ odd hats, Santa's Ho Ho vocal patterns, Ornament high/low, Snowball shootout/ attached Snowman music/math card game
23 Musical Activities for Young Children
Activities include links to songs about the alphabet, Spanish Head and Shoulders, Piano or Forte activity, SMART Lab Flip Game, Forte/ Piano parking activity, Quarter note video, Interactive Q note bubble popping activity, Grid for creating farm rhythms, egg rhythms. Activities to explore the quarter rest, the clarinet, sounds that go up or down, a bean bag activity, Listening for same / different sounds, the treble clef, the string bass, sol-mi bird activity and much more. This is a great resource for a filler or multi-lesson substitute.
Interactive Lg +Sm group design
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Valentine: Find 5 with SMARTBoard and iPads
An "I Spy" type game using QR codes and iPads. Ss look for images with the "Val-en-tine" rhythm pattern. Interactive self checking on the SB.
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Puppy Dog Rhythm Fun for SMARTBoard
Ss create long and short rhythmic patterns using long and short puppy dog images. Uses infinite cloning SB features. / Interactive Lg +Sm group design / Early Elem.
Squilt Listening Activity Pack 1 - SMARTBoard
Ss react to instrument sound, rhythm, describe movie music, commercial music, tempo, major or minor, historical periods, cartoon music, style, mood, feelings, articulation, beat, melody, composers. Koosh ball design/ Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Insect Rhythms - I SMARTBoard and iPads
K5/1st Grade create insect rhythms and perform on instruments/ record on iPad. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Insect Rhythms - 2
K5/1st Grade move objects to create insect rhythms and perform on instruments/ record on iPad. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Library Genre and Musical Listening for SMARTBoard
Ss listen to stack of books and match the sound to the correct genre: Fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, folktales, adventure, etc. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Rhythm Robot Listening Activity
Ss touch robot to hear rhythmic pattern, dictate using infinitely cloned note values. Self-checking and engaging. Eighth, sixteenth . / Upper Elem. Interactive Lg +Sm group design
Musical Dynamic Tongue Twisters - iPads
Students practice and record themselves saying various tongue twisters to demonstrate these musical terms: accelerando, PPP, crescendo,moderato, largo, staccato, decrescendo, legato, vivace, ff, ritardando, etc. Export as video to Seesaw for assessment. Explain Everything app. Upper Elem.
Conductor's Clues - iPads
Ss learn about conducting patterns for 2, 3, and 4, observer and decode clues seen on images of famous conductors, create their own video demonstrating meters, crescendo, decrescendo, moods and a cut off. Explain Everything app. Upper Elem.
Hit Shake or Scrape for SMARTBoard and iPads
Kindergarten students explore rhythm instruments to discover how to play each one: hit, scrape, or shake. Ss move target words and record themselves playing each instrument. Export as video to share on Seesaw. Book Creator App
Legs and All - Composing - iPads
A guide for composing music using the pentatonic scale, boomwhackers, and the spider poem. Book Creator.
Stem Ornament - iPad and SMARTBoard activity
This iPad activity supports the magic pen / magic stem SB activity. Ss draw stems on ornaments in a fast-paced game using their iPads. 12 pages / Explain Everything app
Beat and Meter 101 for iPads
This is an interactive Explain Everything file supporting the understanding of beat and meter. Elem.
Ditto Listening Book - iPad
A simple guide for students' listening reflection: Dynamics, Instruments, Tempo, Theme, and Observations. Book Creator app.
Carnival of the Animals - Listening Maps for iPad
Ss move kangaroo image along listening map path and record their movement. Uses the Explain Everything iPad app.
Hearts and Stars - iPad
Kindergarten Ss create long and short rhythmic patterns over the steady heart beats. Play and record using Book Creator app.
Loud or Soft Parking Lot - iPads / SMARTBoards
Kindergarten students move loud and soft cars to images to demonstrate understanding of loud and soft sounds. Explain Everything or Book Creator
Peter and the Wolf - SMARTBoard and iPads
Resource for introducing Ss to Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf, musical instruments. Designed for interactive learning on SB and iPads. Suggestions for reflection using Seesaw on iPad.
Letter Z - SMARTBoard activity for PreK and Kindergarten
A support file for introducing the letter Z. Includes: Links to "The Letter Z Song," "Give me a Z," "Zipadeedoodah" with movable beginning letters, "The Zero song," "Going to the Zoo," Buzzing Bee vocal paths, This or that listening matching image to sound, Zum Gali Stick activity, Sounds up and down interactive listening.
Alphabet Rhythm Instruments - SMARTBoard
Ss touch koosh ball type alphabet letters linked to a rhythmic pattern and image. Ss find the instrument or object and tap the rhythm. Interactive for large or small group instruction.
Pirate Bird Listening - SMARTBoard
Ss touch the Pirate to hear his musical call then listen to three choices to match the call or answer the musical question. Interactive and self-checking with funny answers.
Mad Lips Composer Introduction and Listening Links - iPads and SMARTBoards
Ss scan a QR code to watch a 2 min MadLips video about a famous composer. Another QR code links to a famous musical work. Students complete all challenges to discover interesting facts about each composer and then compete in SMART Lab Quiz show at the end. 10 different composers in this bundle.


























































This list will be pretty long.