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Video Examples of SMARTBoard Interactive Musical Assessments in Elementary Classroom

Here is a brief video example of  students taking SMARTBoard interactive assessments in the elementary classroom. Students had just enough time before the pep rally to complete a few of the assessment pages in the 18 Musical Adventures and Assessment SMARTBoard Lesson.

“Oh, …..I get it!”

Just for fun, take a look at how they are interacting with the SMARTBoard activities and helping each other. Working mostly in pairs, students did their best to complete the assignment and because the entire class became so involved, I could easily identify those who needed extra help and those who clearly grasped concepts. It was also interesting to hear the students waiting in the background say, “Oh, ….I get it!” when their peer at the SMARTBoard struggled a bit.

I like making videos of kids working together at the SMARTBoard for a couple of reasons:

  • I post these videos on our school web site so kids can see themselves – they are so proud!
  • Parents can see what we’re doing in music class and how we are using technology. It generates word-of -mouth excitement about technology use in our private school family.
  • I want other teachers in my school to see the indescribable interaction the SMARTBoard lessons generate. My mission is to motivate and train my peers to use their IWB for more than a projector.
  • I want to document, via this blog, my own personal growth as a teacher learning how to integrate technology in my music classroom. I can’t wait to look back and learn from my mistakes. I want to have record of what generated real learning vs what was just a fun game on the SMARTBoard.

How about you?

Have you had any special teachable moments that happened because of a student’s  interaction with the SMARTBoard activity? If so, take a moment and leave a comment… it might just be what motivates someone else to improve their SMARTBoard lesson-building skills or begin using the SMARTBoad all together.


Only two days before break….. Yippee!



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Cherie Herring

Music/Technology Integration at Hammond School
I teach elementary music, am passionate about integrating technology into my teaching, am obsessed with my SMARTBoard and iPad, and enjoy creating lessons and sharing ideas. I love technology almost as much as I love cheesecake, and with more energy and ideas than I know what to do with, I can't wait for the sun to come up each morning! I'm wife to Prince Charming and mom to three incredible girls who keep me balanced. . . sort of!

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  • Darlene December 21, 2012, 2:59 PM

    Hi Cherie,
    Your 18 Musical Adventures are great activities! I love Smartboard as well but wonder how you have the time to develop all of these pages! Thank you for sharing them! Just thought you might like to know that the links through Dropbox are not working. The only one that works is the Elephant Song which goes directly to the internet.
    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful resources!


    • Cherie Herring December 22, 2012, 12:23 AM

      Darlene, I’m so happy that you find the activities useful!! And… thanks for letting me know about the broken links in the Kindergarten file. I have repaired all of the broken links and uploaded/ re-linked the working file.
      I’m happy to share and hope you enjoy using the lessons!

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