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Teachers: Thanks for Teaching Us

Thanks for Teaching us!

We had a special gathering at our school this morning and surprised our teachers with a song: “Thanks for Teaching Us.” Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the children singing  a thank you song for teachers!

This song originally came from, “Made for Praise Vol. 07 Older” published by Lifeway.  I rewrote the words and recorded an accompaniment for our private school setting.

I made each teacher a matted copy of the words to the song and had each child in their homeroom sign the border.

All the children in the school signed the Related Arts teachers and  Admin. staff copies.

The kids and I have been getting this secret gift ready for two weeks. Managing all the name signing was the toughest part. Who knew it would take for —- ever for some kids to sign their names! I mean, really?!!

Here are some pictures of just a few of the teachers who were touched by the children’s kind words in song. There isn’t room to include all 35 recipients,  but they were all made to feel special! By the way, it was College Jersey day at our school.


We are very blessed and thankful!

We had our little Thanksgiving program first thing in the morning. Each teacher in each grade  selected readers to share their written expressions of thanks in between our songs. We also announced the results of a huge food drive to bring in food for Thanksgiving baskets to be given to those in need. (This is the first year that we haven’t had an official, huge grade-level Thanksgiving program for the parents to see, but I still wanted to celebrate this special American holiday!)

Hallmark moment: Thanks for Teaching Us!!

At the very end of our program, I had the children turn around and sing to their teachers, “Thanks for Teaching Us.” Although this was an in-house sharing time, what the children lacked in polish they made up with heart. Their innocent singing of genuine expressions of thanks made for a priceless Hallmark moment – complete with tears from the adults. Two children from each class presented their teacher a signed song and gave them a giant hug as well.

We made a recording:

All of that was this morning and I wrote the upper part of this post during my morning break……  The story doesn’t end there!! This afternoon, during chorus, I wanted to record the 4th graders singing “Thanks for Teaching Us” to share with parents on our school’s web site. I’ll share it with you here if you promise you won’t think badly of me for the southern twangy vowels and snaky “S’s!”  It’s not performance -ready at all, but it was ready enough to share with the teachers.

They surprised me!

Right in the middle of the recording, several missing 4th graders, their teachers, and our Lower School Head walked in and surprised me with their own signed version of a poem just for me – the music teacher! WOW! I was blown away and so very touched. The children had come up with the idea, arranged it with their teachers,  and had worked together to have every child in the entire elementary school sign the poem.  Hallmark moment #2!  Here is a brief video of that presentation. Those little stinkers!!


Signed by the whole school….

I’m so grateful!

I am overwhelmed with emotions at the moment. I want to share my joy with you because I know you’ve had these same experiences and can relate – one music teacher to another! Teaching music just touches and blesses those around us in ways we’ll never understand.  I”m so thankful for the children who have been entrusted to me to teach and inspire. I’m grateful for my little school where there is quite enough love to go around and back again…. and drippy-nosed little squirts who let me love on them and share music together. As Paul and Teresa Jennings penned in their sweet song: “What goes around, comes around. When we give, we receive!”

I’m also thankful for YOU, my new-found friends who encourage and inspire me daily!

Happy Thanksgiving!








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  • Jodi November 28, 2012, 7:46 AM

    What a nice tribute to teachers making great things happen.

  • Karen Slagle June 5, 2015, 6:09 PM

    I love the words to this song and would like to find the music but am having a hard time finding it.
    I’m not tech savy, but was wondering how I could get a music CD for my 3rd graders.
    Thanks, Karen Slagle

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