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Snowman Music Door Decorations


Our school held the first annual Holiday Door Decorating contest this week. Almost every other teacher has just the one classroom door, but the music room has two doors and four windows.

Here’s a look at my Snowman Music Door Decorations ….

I think I won “The Most Obnoxious Snowman Theme” or something like that. Maybe it was too much of a good thing! There’s no chance in China of winning a decorating contest with Kindergarten teachers since those saints can just LOOK at a piece of paper and turn it into something magical!

The snowman music door decorations were made out of construction paper. Do you know what the two most difficult things were?  coming up with eight different ways to make a “La” sign, and getting the spray adhesive off  of my fingers. 🙂 Everything else was just “time.”

The Fa-La-La signs were laminated in hopes that they can be used again another year… they took the most work! I must confess that I begged one of the crafty PreK teachers to help me design the scarves …….  that was just the touch the snowmen needed!

By the way, that brass blob to the left of the door is the sound board / strings of a piano. The children love to make music on the strings as they are coming inside the classroom.

Even though the days are packed, I just love the energy December school days bring. I hope you are having a festive “Fa-la-la” week, and if you haven’t yet decorated your music door… maybe you can use this idea…

“Music is SNOW much fun!”



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