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3 Green Screen Tempo Videos for Kindergarten

Exploring Tempo with Green Screens

Want to make a musical memory? Bring tempo to life by combining movement and  green screens. Here are 3 green screen tempo videos for Kindergarten made by kids.

We all have our students move to music played at different tempi. In a classroom with one or more iPads, it’s possible to go a step further and have students use the iPad to research and show what they know about Largo, Moderato, and Presto. We are in our fifth year as a 1:1 iPad school and our students are feeling confident using the iPad as a tool for learning, just like a pencil. We made 3 green screen tempo videos for kindergarten and awesome musical memories and it was easier than you think!

Here is a video with a few clips from our early work with iPads and tempo:

The students moved the pieces and explained the tempo term; it was simple, yet effective. The students used a pre-made template using the Explain Everything app, which you may download at the end of this post.

3 Green Screen Tempo Videos for Kindergarten

This year, we kicked it up a notch and combined a green screen background on the Explain Everything app with the students’ movement in front of and on a green screen background. We created 3 green screen tempo videos for kindergarten and made great memories together. Take a look at each and then I’ll explain how easy it was to do.



Combine Explain Everything and Do Ink to create 3 Green Screen Tempo Videos for Kindergarten

  1. Create the Explain Everything template.

    Explain Everything

    iPad app

    Pages in the Explain Everything file

    I created a green screen template in Explain Everything. Each page has the green screen as a background and movable pieces. I locked the background and made the pieces movable but locked the size.  The pages are simple. If you use my template in the downloads at the end of this post, it is ready for you to use with your students.

  2. To deliver this Explain Everything template to my students, I airdropped it to their iPads during class. Export > Project > Open in… > airdrop to students
  3. Once students recorded their movement, they uploaded the file as a video to Seesaw, the Learning Journal. I was able to download it from there.
  4. Film the movement. In front of the green screen and with green fabric on the floor,  I filmed students moving to the musical examples. After showing them the background on the iPad, we talked about how they would move in that scene in real life. They loved imagining and you can see it when they are stepping slowly on the lily pads and laughing at the ducks.
  5. Combine videos and background image. In the Do Ink app, it is easy to pull out the green background and adjust the animal/shoe movement to fit in the view. When finished, the video was uploaded to share with the children and their parents.

Go Green!

If you have an interest in using Green Screen technology, dive in! It only looks complicated, but the Do Ink app is very intuitive to use. Here is a link to my resource site where you will find links to tutorials and other examples to explore. (https://sites.google.com/site/musictechintegrate/)

The use of technology in the music room opens so many opportunities for exploration and deeper learning. Involving students, even the little ones, in the creative process gives them ownership and pride in their creation. Plus, the more technology tools are used, the more natural their use becomes. What fascinates me the most is how my students are asking so many more questions because they have a way to find the answers.

Who would have thought that walking slowly on lily pads would be so fun and memorable!


Go Green!

Green Screen Tempo ExpEv Doink
Green Screen Tempo ExpEv Doink
Version: Green Screen 17
2.8 MiB
Tempo Lesson Explain Everything Simple
Tempo Lesson Explain Everything Simple
Version: Simple Version
868.9 KiB
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  • Cynthia Clemmer January 31, 2017, 10:04 AM

    Cherie – thank you for this lesson idea!.I am trying to recreate it it in my classroom but I am having a hard time. What I did was:
    I used explain everything to create a video background. It has a stationary background and a moving picture that I cut out. (like your ducks/turtle) I imported that into green screen and had the kids move – I can not get the kids to be behind the cut outs that are moving. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Cindy

  • Cherie Herring January 31, 2017, 1:15 PM

    Cindy, In Explain Everything, you must record the moving pieces using the Green background. download the file at the end of this post. Export the moving pieces as a video and take it into Doink. There will be 3 layers in Doink.
    3. The Background – either an image or another video, on top of that, the kids walking (You should have filmed this in front of a green screen), and on top of that, the moving pieces from Explain Everything. Let me know if that helps.

    • Cynthia Clemmer January 31, 2017, 2:13 PM

      Thank You! I knew there was something I was doing wrong. I didn’t film the “cut outs” on a green screen and place as the top layer in Doink. I took a workshop last year (2015) in Winston Salem at NCMEA and I am still raving about your class and give everyone your website info. It was so amazing! Thank you for this website and all the innovative materials you send out to all of us who are trying to learn in this new age of teaching. I look forward to your posts!

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